the twenty five year exemption rule

I was recently studying an article about people who task importing JDM cars.  These are later model Japanese cars that require special permission to come to the US.  Here in the states there are several safety as well as environmental regulations that each automobile must meet in order to be driven on our roads.  Everything from emissions to crash test safety is taken into account. Evidently, these JDM cars are at least twenty five years old as well as therefore exempt from most of these regulations.  Just the EPA guidelines are taxing to meet, nevermind the safety commission. In order for one of these cars to be allowed in this country, as well as stay in, the US, particular modifications need to be handled. Take the bumpers for instance, they need to be reinforced to withstand a particular amount of impact in order to be street legal, however in most cases they can pass safety inspections but the emission laws in some states still wont allow them to be driven on the road.  I personally don’t get wanting to purchase an old car. I can easily drive to the dealership, choose a car, as well as take it to my dwelling in a matter of days. Of course, I am not a collector as well as several of those that are, are certainly willing to go to huge lengths to have the perfect car in their collections. Others just appreciate the look as well as feel of older model cars more than the streamlined, sleek look of newer ones. It could be that it is a nostalgia thing because they recall those cars from their childhood.  Owning an old car is not for all the people but if you are actually willing to go through the process you can still get one that is in excellent condition.