The two of us now need a dehumidifier

My hubby is kind of an impulse shopper. He went to a apartment & garden show last weekend by himself & came apartment with a vertical waterfall. I knew I should have gone with him even though I twisted my ankle the morning before so I sent him on by himself. Before he left I told him not to buy anything more than $20. He swore he wouldn’t. Then he came apartment with that vertical, indoor waterfall & claimed he had always wanted 1 & that it was a actually fine price. It took some needling before I found out it cost over $1000. He can’t take it back either because the show has ended. The two of us set it up & it is actually nice. I really actually like the waterfall even though I have not admitted it yet. There is only 1 problem: the humidity in the house. These waterfalls are meant for big medical professional’s offices or mansions. The two of us have a 2 home office, 1 bathroom house. I have started noticing a lot of humidity & condensation all over everything. The two of us have a window a/c however it keeps cold solid. It never used to do that before. It does not get hot enough here for central A/C however the two of us need to do something for humidity control. I have been looking online & there are whole apartment dehumidifiers that have some fine reviews. Of course, there are also portable dehumidifiers too however you have to stay on top of emptying the water from those. I actually want something that drips water outside & is easy to maintain.

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