The unit is blasting away

When my kids got older, our camping trips became less and less and I started to finally have fun.  I would take my sons out and drop them off to their father. He had a camper and a boat, and he would keep the entire weekend.  My daughter and I had our own kind of camping. We would go to the nearest motel and get a room. It didn’t matter what the weather was  like, we were comfortable. One weekend, it was damp and cold the entire time, and we were in the motel room, eating our take-out chinese, with the heating unit blasting away.  I gave my oldest son a cell phone and told him to call if they needed me to pick them up. He never called because his father had a heater in the camper. My daughter and I found a mall and we were completely happy.  A couple weeks later, we had our favorite motel room and it was steaming hot. We had thought about going shopping at the mall we had found, but neither of us was in the mood. We had the air conditioning on and we were so happy to be cool.  Air conditioning was one thing I knew they didn’t have in that camper. My son called me on the first day and told me it was so hot that even the fish weren’t biting. I asked if he wanted to come home, but he said his little brother was having fun so they would stay.  I’m not sure I would have gone home at that time. I had paid for the entire weekend in that air conditioned room and we found a Chinese take-out and a pizza joint that delivered to the motel.

cooling system