The vent should be cleaned

For a few weeks, I have been entirely working at a failing library. There are numerous things that are wrong with this site, and for starters, the air quality is really terrible. They really could use an air purification system or something. That would at least get rid of the strange odor in this place. Even the librarians that worked here before I started, quit their jobs because of the air quality. However, I really can’t say that I blame them, as it’s not the nicest locale to be working in. No matter how much I clean up in here, it is constantly really dusty and filthy! I can’t wait to take my breaks so that I can get outside to get a breath of fresh air. There are times when it is hard to breathe inside this building. We don’t get that many sales in an afternoon, but at most, we’ll get maybe up to 20 people that come into our building, but they don’t buy anything, and honestly, they don’t even stick around for that long, and it’s all entirely because of the air quality.   I mentioned this to my boss, but he just acts like it’s no big deal. If he wants to turn this library around, he really needs to think about replacing his HVAC unit. I think a detailed HVAC duct cleaning and air purification system would do the trick. If something doesn’t change soon, I shall be looking for a new job! This place is taking its toll on my respiratory health!

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