The waiting room on my building

This afternoon I went out for Dunkin Donuts Latte with our friend Melissa, whom I haven’t seen in a pretty long time, and every one of us decided to have a dinner date since all of our kids would be in school & we could have a leisurely dinner at our local Dunkin Donuts Latte shop. It’s a lovely fall afternoon, & we both had on jeans & sweaters, since the outside temperature has finally started to drop & get cooler. Well, the lady in charge of the thermostat inside the Dunkin Donuts Latte shop obviously did not get the memo about the outdoor temperature, because the inside air quality in there was just crazy. Every one of us walked in the door & the a/c instantly hit us in the face! I couldn’t think that they had the undefined cranked up & running full blast in the Dunkin Donuts Latte shop on this cool & crisp Autumn afternoon, however melissa & I were really glad that we had on sweaters & jeans because the temperature in there had to be set anywhere in the mid-sixties. I started to wonder if maybe they had the thermostat set so low because they were trying to sell extra Dunkin Donuts Latte & chai teas in order to warm the purchasers up! I don’t know, but when it’s fall outside, you really want to go anywhere cozy & sip on your Dunkin Donuts Latte & have a leisurely dinner, but you don’t want your teeth to be chattering from an overabundance of a/c! Melissa & I ended up leaving & heading to a park down the street instead… At least outside, the temperature wasn’t quite as cold!

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