The weekly renter stole the AC unit

My partner plus I have a couple of peculiar rental properties, however some of those properties are rented from month to month plus some of them have yearly leases.

Most of the month to month leases are properties situated near the mountains, beach, or lake.

These properties are more love vacation rentals. I do our best to find weekly renters, however sometimes all of us rent the sites for a month at a time. Both of us always require a security deposit, however it is only $300! Until last year, our partner plus I rarely had any concerns with our rental properties. In fact, it was a lucrative deal for the 2 of us. Over the past year, all of us have had a single complication after another problem. Eight weeks ago, a single of our rentals had a major plumbing maintenance that required us to spend $3500. The floor in the family room was flooded plus our partner plus I also spent an additional $1,200 on the flooring repairs. Now all of us have to deal with another issue. My partner plus I rented a single of our units for a 2-month period. The renter stole the window AC unit situated in the bedroom. Both of us only have a couple of properties that have window AC units plus this unique locale has a single in the bedroom, bedroom, plus family room. The renter stole the window AC unit from the bedroom. I’m not sure if he thought all of us would not notice, however it was the first thing I saw when I walked through the door. I right away called the renter plus left a voicSMS. When the guy didn’t return our call for 3 nights, I charged his credit card.



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