The youngsters kept trying to crank the air conditioning system while all of us were enjoying our birthday breakfast

Recently when my partner & I wanted to go out to eat for our birthday, all of us decided to get a babysitter, and all of us already knew that our youngsters would be getting into some kind of mischief, & all of us told the babysitter what to look out for.

All of us told her they had to ask permission to eat any sweets, & they had plenty of bottled water & milk to drink. All of us didn’t want them to drink any soda or eat any candy, but so while all of us were out on our breakfast, all of us were having the most charming time, and the temperature control settings were marvelous & I appreciated the air quality in this place. The thing that was the best though was the fact that all of us were seated close to the fireplace… While all of us were waiting for our food, I got an alert on my smartphone that the temperature control settings changed at home. When I saw they were changed to 64 degrees, I was a little bit disappointed! I told my partner & she laughed about it. Then I smiled & said, “at least I can change the temperature control settings right back to 81 degrees.” All of us never let the youngsters crank the air conditioning system like that so I figured that they must have played with the control unit behind the baby sitter’s back or something. They kept decreasing the temperature control back down to 64 & I kept switching it right back, however eventually I put a pin code on the control unit so they could no longer change the temperature control settings. I’m sure they were frustrated about that!
Heating technician