The youngsters that I babysit throw their toys in the air vents

The youngsters that I babysit occasionally throw their toys into the air vents in their family room. I have no idea why they guess that this is a fun game. I never would have thought for one minute about putting anything down inside of the air vents in my room when I was a child. I suppose some youngsters are just more curious than others, and these two are always trying to cause problems! At least that’s what it seems love to myself and others as their babysitter. The other day when I was over there, it was really cold outside. The temperature was in the teens, and so the heating idea was running nearly consistently, but however, when I went to put one of the women down for a nap in her room, I noticed that it was cold cold in there. The gas furnace was running at that time, so I went and put my hand over the heating vent in the floor to see if there was any hot air coming out of it. There wasn’t, and that didn’t make any sense to me. Then I noticed that there was a piece of fluff or something sticking through one of the slats in the air vent cover. I pulled off the cover of the air vent, and that’s when I saw a stuffed pet squished down inside of the air duct. The little girl looked at myself and others and started laughing. She said that she had been putting her stuffed pet into her cave. I suppose that explains why it was so cold in her room.


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