There are a few concerns here

My fiance, Bob, didn’t think engagement photos were necessary, but I insisted. It was a special time and I wanted to commemorate the occasion. We hired a photographer who set up her studio with backdrops. When I saw the fake sunset and faux shrubs, I expressed my disappointment. I thought the scenes should be out in nature. At my bidding, we loaded the equipment. The trees and grass were beautiful, but as the day wore on, the temperature rose to an unbearable degree. My poor fiance had to retreat to the car to sit in the A/C every few minutes. I didn’t fare any better. My makeup ran and the photographer who tried to look tolerant, was obviously miserable. When the proofs were ready, I saw how clearly horrible the pictures turned out. Bob and I were both red-faced and tired. The excitement that the pictures should have captured had been sucked away by the heat. We rescheduled another photo shoot back at the studio as originally planned and I now appreciate the value of backdrops set in the a temperature controlled environment. The photographer’s air conditioning system was superlative. It seemed to sense our comfort needs. Bob was able to wear a suit and tie and I was able to wear a delicate dress without the fear of wilting. The photographer explained that she had had a smart system installed because of her expensive equipment. The temperature control was imperative to protecting her investment. Ultimately, it also protected ours. Our new set of engagement photographs turned out better than I had hoped. No discomfort or smeared make-up ever again.

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