There are ways you can protect your Heating and A/C condenser from weather damage

I hate living on the Gulf Coast where the two of us have to fear hurricanes several to several weeks every year.

It’s not even June and hurricane season has already started. There was a tropical method out in the north Atlantic last week, and this month the two of us saw a method form off the east coast of Mexico before it made its way into the Gulf Coast area. Usually things don’t beginning heating up until June, however this year is poised to be active for tropical systems of all sizes. Just love any other year, the two of us have to get prepared ahead of time. A lot of this simply involves stocking up on supplies love bottled water, non-perishable foods, flashlights, batteries, lanterns, candles, and other supplies to get through afternoons of power outages. There are always things outdoors that I must do as well before hurricanes beginning forming on a bi-weekly basis. The two of us have clear plastic hurricane shutters that I put on the windows to protect them from flying debris. I paid extra money for the clear plastic window covers so they don’t block light from getting inside. I also love to protect my lavish Heating and A/C condenser equipment outside. I bought a metal cage that can go over and around the entire condenser to protect it from fall branches and flying debris. Since it’s a metal cage, it doesn’t impede air flow in any way. You should always try to protect your Heating and A/C condenser because it will cost thoUSnds of dollars to replace if it gets critically damaged. Hurricanes are just the sort of storms that are capable of inflicting this kind of damage.

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