There is a new community with tiny homes and tiny little air conditioners

Tiny homes have been around for quite a while now.

Even so, you don’t see a lot of tiny houses oh, at least not where I live.

I suppose that most tiny houses are put in places such as remote Wilderness type areas for off-grid living. But just the other day I was driving through a part of town that I haven’t been to in quite a long time, and I discovered we have a new community with tiny homes and those tiny homes have tiny little air conditioners. If you are thinking that the tiny little air conditioners are window AC units, you are about five decades off. What they have for heating and cooling are mini split air conditioners. The mini split heating and cooling systems are quite similar to the old-fashioned window ACS, but they are more modern and more efficient and just plain friendlier to use. Mini split air conditioners are quite simple to install as well as quite simple to maintain and repair. I really had no idea what the tiny home Community was 4, but it turns out it is a combination government/charity venture to House people who are either homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. In addition it is used for people who simply cannot afford to buy a full-sized home, such as the elderly who are living on the fixed income of Social Security. I found out that the little tiny homes have a full size refrigerator, a sink and countertop in the kitchen but they do not have a full size oven. Rather they have a small event that you might find in an RV or a dorm. In any event the best part of these adorable little Cottages is the way they are being heated and cooled with mini-split AC systems.


HVAC worker