There is a new HVAC system in the family

I felt a bit of sadness today when I realized it was almost time.

I watched as they loaded my old HVAC system onto the truck to haul it away.

It had been a sad couple of weeks, mixed with excitement over the new HVAC system we had purchased. Even though we had our old HVAC system cleaned and serviced, right on schedule, we were well aware that eventually, we would need to get a new system. Nothing lasts forever and for machinery like HVAC systems, we were fortunate enough to get 25 years of very good service out of it. As we welcomed the new heating and air conditioning, we had to say goodbye. We started the process a couple weeks earlier when the HVAC tech came in to do our normal maintenance on the old furnace. He told us that this time, he couldn’t repair it. He had told us the previous year that he would be able to keep the furnace running for another year, but we were going to see a steady increase in the amount of energy it was using. We asked him about a new heating system for our home. He brought in one of the HVAC designers who measured our home and got our input into the type of heating system we wanted. She then showed us several furnaces we could choose from. We asked their opinion on the air conditioning, and she said that the AC was probably going to go in the next year or so. Before long, we were watching the installation of our new furnace and air conditioner and saying goodbye to the old.

HVAC unit