There is a shortage on air conditioner filters right now in our area

I’m surprised to see bigger shortages on common, everyday products this late into the pandemic opposed to the beginning.

I l earned that the supply lines weren’t operating at a multiple-year deficit when the pandemic kicked off in early 2020; there were job closures left plus right that affected manufacturing, but various products were already sitting in warehouses. Now we’ve exhausted the surplus while seeing historic inflation. As a result, the products still available are more costly, while everything else is only on store shelves for short periods of time before they’re unavailable again. If you enjoy a particular variety of snack popcorn, you better get many the next time you see them in stock. It could be the last time they’re available for the next many weeks! This isn’t limited to food products, of course. My mother is disabled plus uses disposable clean clothes every single day. Unfortunately, they’ve been taxing to source lately. But the 1 product that surprised myself and others the most was our particular air conditioner filter that all of us like. Our air handler takes an 18 inch by 18 inch filter, plus all of us can’t find our odor reduction filters in this size no matter what store all of us visit. We have looked for weeks now plus had to find a bizarre filter to use in the meantime. It was an odor reducing filter with activated charcoal on 1 side, but I was able to find cut-to-fit strips of activated charcoal that I could add to a official filter. At least I can still get our odor reduction that I desperately need!
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