There is honey for sale

The two of us have several Amish produce stands in our area.

  • The two of us live in an area that is rife with the Amish and Mennonite community.

You need to always be aware of the horse and buggies that would be on the roads. It was nothing to see a family of Amish children riding their bicycles along the road. I had been befriended by a single of the Amish families that lived in our area and when the people I was with and I saw each other, the people I was with and I would stop and chat. I enjoyed talking to Mary and she was telling me that she was going to be pure honey soon. Her child had decided to become a beekeeper and he was getting some great quality honey. I enjoyed cooking with honey and my hubby made honey wine and beer. It would be nice to be able to utilize the local honey beekeepers, especially when you knew them. The honey was a bit upscale, however I didn’t mind because I suppose that the honey for sale was of great quality. I’m sure it was great honey, however it still had a lot of the honeycomb in it. Mary said I could sieve the honey and remove the honeycomb, which I did. I was entirely grossed out when my hubby melted down the honey and ran it through cheesecloth. There were bees legs and antennae in the cheesecloth. The next time I see a sign for ‘Honey for Sale’, I will pass it up. I don’t suppose I will be buying honey again, any time soon. I suppose it took buying natural honey from the beekeeper to make me realize it was a product that came from pets.

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