There is nothing like a run on the beach

I’m going for our run on the beach soon.

I like to run at sunset because the colors give me something to focus on other than my pace and my breath.

There are lots of clouds along the horizon that light up into pastels and bright red colors that almost take my breath away. The sound of the waves crashing has a meditative quality that gives me a calm and relaxed feeling as I run along the coast. I live in one of the most beautiful towns in Europe that they call the Jewel of the Mediterranean. It’s amazingly serene here. The eating establishment nearby has a gas fireplace that lights up the sky at night. They have central heating inside the venue and if you visit there on the weekends you will be warmed so nicely by the radiant heat it emits. I was asking them why they didn’t have a gas fireplace inside the bar too because they are so nice to watch but they said the fumes can cause problems for some people. I am going to be doing a show there soon and it’ll be nice to be performing in such a warm venue when it’s so cold out at night. I told the girl that I am great with cooling and heating system repair and service and she would pay for me in food if I helped him clean the vents and filters when they needed it. That’s a great deal because they have some of the most amazing food in town. Repairing heating systems is a great skill to have obviously.

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