There is real risk here

I am a collector. I travel a lot, and I like to take a painting home with me from wherever I visit. Due to my frequent adventures, my collection has become rather expansive. Some pieces hold some monetary value, others are just sentimental pieces. Regardless, each painting is framed and hung all around my home. The area I live in is known for its extreme fluctuations in weather year round. While it’s something I have learned to live with, my paintings could potentially suffer from these crazy changes in the weather. In the summer, it is all about monitoring the large amounts of humidity and trying to combat the heat. The winter means combatting the cold dryness of the season. I went to my local HVAC company for a consultation, which resulted in making a few tweaks to my HVAC equipment at home. The first item I purchased was a variable-speed furnace and air conditioner. The system can actively adjust its speed to meet the demands of the season. The longer cycles at lower capacity make for a more evenly maintained temperature with flawless humidity control. I also took the liberty of buying a whole-home dehumidifier and humidifier to keep the moisture levels steady during weather fluctuations. The dehumidifier runs in the summer to take the moisture out of the air and provide some pretty great levels of comfort. Because of the dehumidifier, I can set my air conditioner to higher temperatures during the summer, which actually saves me some money on my electric bill. Having the humidifier working in the winter brings in steady levels of moisture to the house while working with the furnace to provide the perfect comfort and air quality during those cold and dry days. While these upgrades were a hefty investment, it’s worth it to preserve my paintings. As a plus, I stay nice and comfy in my home no matter the season.

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