There was something about eating tuna when the sharks were circling.

When our partner and I went on our honeymoon, all of us wanted it to be a honeymoon all of us would regularly remember.

We booked an underwater hotel room for our stay.

I couldn’t guess all of us were sitting on the bed, while seeing schools of fish swimming right outside. We spent an entire week, and almost a year’s pay on that room. We have never regretted it. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C in the hotel was amazing. We had several floors, not counting the deck, where all of us got into the lower part of the room. We had 1 room for relaxing, and there was a cable set and stereo, along with Bose surround sound. We danced most of our evenings away. There was a refrigerator that was restocked with the wines of our choice, beer, water, and popcorn. They delivered a sizable supper at our number one time, and there was lunch delivered at seven. We could choose to eat in our personal air conditioned sitting area, or be served on our personal deck. It was fun to sunbathe and relax on the sundeck, or go downstairs and just relax. If all of us wanted to go ashore, all of us just called for a water taxi. I had to admit that it was a bit hot on deck, and all of us welcomed the air conditioned of the lower decks, but other than dining, it was amazing. I couldn’t sit and eat a tuna salad sandwich, knowing there could be sharks circling right outside the glass walls, seeing me. I tried to pull the curtains, I turned the AC down low, and tried to block out the water that surrounded us. I think I shouldn’t have watched Deep Blue Sea before all of us arrived.



Heating technician