There’s more to my HVAC responsibilities than just changing the air filter

It’s inevitable that I forget some of what I’m supposed to get done. That seems to just be the nature of the way things go at this point. Frankly, there’s just too much for me to remember and I wish it weren’t that way. But that’s a different conversation. The things that slip through the cracks are important but they are household priorities that I have to get more consistent with. The HVAC responsibilities are a great example. I rarely remember to even change the HVAC air filter. And that HVAC air filter needs to get changed like once a month. I have walked by an air filter that I laid out just for that purpose for weeks. And it doesn’t end there. I’m also terribly inconsistent about calling the HVAC company to have the HVAC maintenance done. Ideally, I’d like to have an HVAC professional do the heating maintenance in the fall. Then, have them do the air conditioning tune-up in the spring. But I’ve been woeful at that and my HVAC equipment deserves better. So I did make that change. I called the HVAC company up to join the HVAC service plan that they offer. This HVAC service plan includes the seasonal HVAC maintenance. The beauty part is the HVAC company emails me and I simply confirm appointments online. And then they take care of the rest. Plus, if I have a breakdown, they only charge me for the parts. The service fee is waved. That’s how much they are banking on the impact of regular HVAC maintenance. Now, if I can just get the dang air filter changed every month, I’ll be on it.
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