There’s no money left and we need a new furnace

My husband and I made the choice to plan for a nice trip for the second week of December! We got a fairly wonderful deal on the plane tickets and the two of us saved a bundle on the cruise.

December is seriously the best time to take a cruise because it is considered the offseason.

My husband and I had a wonderful time during the 7-day trip and the two of us actually spent all of our savings. We had a superb time exploring caves and dunes, and the two of us even spent a whole day riding a dune buggy through the desert. We had a rather exciting excursion planned every single day and the two of us spent the night having dinner in the casino. By the time the two of us got home, the two of us were ready for a trip… Sadly, my husband and I had to go back to work the upcoming day. We had a nice long rest over the weekend and went back to work on Monday! Now it is the second week of January and my husband and I do not have any actual money to fix the broken gas heating appliance. The gas heating appliance has not been working for several days and my husband and I do not have enough money to pay for the current gas heating appliance. We decided to go for a free estimate and found out that the gas heating appliance cannot be repaired. My husband and I spent all of our savings on the cruise and activities. We have a fireplace and some space heaters, but it’s still genuinely freezing inside of the dwelling. We particularly won’t be able to get a current gas heating appliance until next year, so the rest of the winter will be brutal. Hopefully the weather will start to warm up in March.


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