These are some very important energy saving tips

I constantly have had a hard time dealing with people who aren’t good at keeping their word. I understand that sometimes we just make promises that we simply can’t keep, but to do it time and time again becomes incredibly frustrating. That is how I have been treated by my HVAC specialist throughout the past year, and this has me thinking that it’s about time that I start working with a different HVAC company. Last year around this time brought on the first of many happenings. My HVAC technician was going through a routine system to tune up my heating and air conditioning tools. He let me know that he should have plenty of time to clean out the ductwork all round my house, but by the time he was done with the tune-up, he told me that he was out of time and would have to do it on his next visit. While I was frustrated, I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. Over the next three visits, my regular HVAC technician pulled the same thing. He said that my ductwork and ventilation must be super dirty, noting the dust accumulating on the vent registers and on the surface under each vent. I couldn’t believe this guy given the last visit he had with me. Finally, I called him out on his last visit, saying that he’s offered to clean the vents and ductwork every time and has yet to deliver. When I brought that up, he stared at me before telling me that it would cost extra. I get it now. I think it’s time for me to move on and find and HVAC service that actually keeps their promise.

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