These carpets are filthy

My spouse is truly a snob when it comes to particular things in our home. When all of us first were looking at homes to buy she told myself and others that all of us had to get more than one powder room, and also stainless steel appliances & stone countertops. The woman has never cooked a meal in her lifetime & she wanted stone countertops. I have to to say though, I care about having a family room. The stone countertops are the best since I can cut veggies right on top of them. I make some form of vegetable heavy dish a evening. Needless to say the counters have all gotten a ton of use. After awhile I started to notice that my counters looked stained & very dingy like. I tried cleaning them with all sorts of chemical cleaners & got no results. The counters then looked gross enough that I was worried about bacteria lingering upon them. I mentioned this to my spouse the snob. She was immediately all about getting a stone cleaning for our family room. That seemed a little far fetched but I humored him. The janitorial company that all of us called in did professional cleaning & sealing for all of the counters. Afterwards the whole family room looked better. The counters looked sleek & back to the original color. I talked to cleaning service woman & she said that the sealant they used will stop stains & bacteria growth. Because of this the family room will be far healthier of an environment for us. She also said that the sealant will make all my surfaces easier to clean after my veggie prep now. I am pleasantly surprised by how worthwhile it this service was.

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