These fees are brutal

My family and I moved to the city because I was offered a lucrative promotion at work. My son was not thrilled with the move, because he was forced to leave all of his friends behind. We moved across the state, so he had to say a final goodbye to all those friends. I just knew our son would make friends quickly, and I was right. It didn’t take much time before he was hanging out with some boy his age from the city. They seemed like nice enough kids, but I was wrong about that. I got a call from the police station on a Saturday night. It was because of my son, and he was in considerable trouble. He was hanging out with his new friends, and they decided to break into an empty house. The house was outfitted with a silent alarm, and the police arrived while the kids were still at the scene. My son was arrested and charged with breaking and entering. I knew I needed to find an attorney. The attorney worked out bail, and was able to get my son released from jail. The attorney was quite costly, but I refused to let my son get by with a public defender. The attorney will assist us throughout the whole mess. I’m hopeful that my son will not end up with any jail time. The attorney is confident that the judge will go along with  community service. It’s my son’s first problem with the law. His friends have been in trouble many times before. I was aware that moving to the city would be a huge adjustment, but I did not anticipate my son getting arrested. I hope the attorney can handle the situation so this poor decision will not negatively affect the rest of my son’t life.

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