They are running a heating preventative maintenance special

This month only, they are having any preventative maintenance special at my local heating and cooling company.

I always use these guys whenever I’m having issues with my heating and cooling system at home.

They claim to be the best guys in town, and I honestly think that they probably are. Most of the time, though, they are pretty expensive when compared to the other HVAC companies around here. I guess when you are the best heating and cooling repair company in town, you can pretty much charge whatever you want most of the time. However, they have decided to run a heating preventative maintenance special this month only and so I am definitely going to take advantage of that. I’m not sure why they have decided to run this heating special, unless they are trying to get more customers. Usually they are pretty booked up, so I don’t think they ever have trouble with the amount of income that they are bringing in. Of course, I don’t know anything about the heating and cooling business. Maybe there is another HVAC company in town now and they are feeling the heat, so to speak. Whatever the reason is, I’m going to definitely take advantage of it anyway because my furnace could definitely use some attention. We are supposedly going to be in for a long cold winter and I would like to have the furnace operating at full capacity before the temperatures get too cold around here this year. I think I will call them tomorrow to set up my heating maintenance appointment.

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