They got my tile back to normal

When I obtained my new home I realized that certain things were not in great condition.

My master powder room has gray tile and what used to be undoubtedly white grout. I tried cleaning it with harsh chemicals that only made me feel sick afterwards. I then got a grout paint and it was just a waste of cash. I thought I was ruined by having off-white, gray and occasionally black grout lines all over my shower. I figured that I would need to redo the tile and grout sooner rather than later. My husband came up with the plan of hiring a cleaning service. He said if the professionals couldn’t get my tile and grout cleaned up, then I needed to swap it. I can’t believe the difference in my powder room now. The tile and grout cleaners took maybe an hour and now my powder room looks brand new. They got the gray tile to really look shiny rather than reflect soap debris. The grout all looks undoubtedly white again and like I had just redone it. What is nice is that there was vinyl flooring in the powder room that was coming up in pieces. The cleaning service has vinyl floor refinishing services as well. They tested it and made the floors look that much better. I was worried about letting them leave because I have more tile, more grout and lots of surfaces that look gross. I am going to keep an eye on spots in my new home and see what they can do for me. My powder room now doesn’t need to be remodeled anymore.

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