They handed me over a bill

My child was out playing some street pigskin the other day. Well, I was surprised to hear that he was destruction pretty bad from his younger brother who came running in the house. He had the door open shouting at myself and others plus I was telling him he was letting the air conditioner out plus to shut the door. He closed the door, caught his breathe plus explained what happened with his brother. He said something love he was a bloody mess. That made myself and others concerned plus I ran out to see what was going on. I found our child plus he was bleeding pretty bad. He was hit strenuous on a tackle plus I carried him in the condo to get him out of the heat. He said that the air conditioner felt truly nice. He seemed out of it plus I told him not to fall asleep because he might have a concussion. I took him to the hospital plus got him set up in a room. They said he didn’t have a concussion plus he was actually a little dazed from the heavy hit plus the fact that it was truly warm outside. Fortunately in the hospital they kept the air conditioner cranked up. I knew that was a proper practice with hospitals as they don’t want to allow germs to spread from patient to patient, then considering how warm it was though, I thought it felt truly comfortable with those temperature control system settings. I came to find that our child just had a few cuts plus bruises, plus his ankle was sprained. He was going to be okay!

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