They make scent boosters for your air filter

I have been making many changes around my house, because I am spending a lot more time in the building.

Since I started honestly working from lake home each day, I have noticed a lot of small things that need to be worked on in the house, and even though I change the air filter bi-weekly, there is still a drifting, faint smell in the air.

Our lake modern home is almost 100 years old plus some of the smell is due to advanced age. I tried a few unusual ways to get rid of the smell, but it always lingers in the air. A few weeks back, I was doing some shopping at the local hardware store. I needed to option up some paints, brushes, sponges, plus cape. I was also picking up drywall, nails, screws, plus a few other many home supplies. I walk down the aisle that has air filters, so I could buy a modern pack of more than two. I only had a single 1 left in the house. I saw something kind of neat on the shelf above the air filters. They had numerous unusual types of air freshener that is specifically formulated for the air filter plus air duct. One of those items was a gel cling scent pod that hangs inside of the air vents. The other item was a scent container that attaches directly to the air filters. The thought of going around the modern home to every air vent seemed that it would be a few hours of work, so I chose the easier option. The smell of vanilla filled the air, but it didn’t last much more than an hour or 2, and next time I will try the individual scent boosters.

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