Things are exciting as an HVAC worker

Being a certified heating & cooling device specialist is not an easy task, however it is one that I genuinely enjoy.

I actually went to university to get my HVAC certification because this was my desire in life.

Once I graduated from HVAC university & began laboring on the task, I can say that each & every day is interesting. It never gets dull, however with all the various types of HVAC work I do, you never really know what you are going to be thrown next. One morning I could be doing a bunch of heating & cooling device component upgrades, the next morning I could be repairing someone’s temperature control unit. Another morning I could be installing a room full of radiant heated floors. It is never known what the tasks are going to be, but that is the beauty of laboring in the heating & cooling device business. This is also the reason why I enjoy it so much. Many other professions & trades in the maintenance industry can get extremely boring because you are doing the same thing each and every day… For instance, tomorrow I can’t even tell you what kind of heating & cooling device related calls are going to be coming in & what the HVAC supplier I work for will be sending me out to do. Yesterday I ended up having to maintain a seasoned gas furnace! That was something I was really not expecting! But happily, I knew how to do it because I learned how to with my HVAC device training in HVAC university. Furnaces are pretty rare these days with central HVAC devices being almost everywhere.


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