Things could have been worse

           My husband & I prefer to travel the country.  When we have a few days off of work, we regularly travel to a remote locations.  The two of us have visited twelve new states this year alone. My husband & I prefer hiking in the woods. The two of us take a small backpack with supplies & a pup tent. My husband & I have slept in the woods plenty of mornings and nights.  It’s nice to be with nature, & we prefer listening to earth sounds at night. We have decided during our summertime vacation this year, we will travel in the mountains. The two of us planned our vacation together & we had numerous stops planned along the way. Three days into our trip, our car broke down. The engine was smoking & the temperature control was on high. I had to call the tow truck company. Thankfully, I have full roadside assistance with our car insurance. It didn’t cost any money to tow our car to the nearest dealership. I found out the temperature control was broken. The car needed a new temperature control if we were going to continue on our trip.  And, since the temperature control regulates the car temperature, we had to repair the issue. My husband used his credit card to pay for the car repairs & the new temperature control. The two of us spent all day at the car dealership, while we waited for the temperature control to be repaired. The two of us ended up in a hotel for the night, because the temperature control needed to be ordered… Even though we lost a whole day of our trip, things could have been much worse. The two of us were lucky I had roadside assistance for the car & the temperature control was an easy fix.

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