Thinking about going for eye-brow threading

I joke that I have deranged old woman eyebrows.

Despite being a blonde, I have jet black eyebrows that are super thick. I don’t suffer from a unibrow, but my eyebrows truly enjoy expanding towards my eyes. I assume that I need to have tweezers on hand on a regular basis. I need to constantly pluck under my eyebrow. It is painful, tedious and hardly makes a dent. I also don’t enjoy shaping my eyebrows on my own! How am I supposed to know if I am doing it right? Waxing eyebrows looks super painful. The ladies who do it get bright red afterwards and seem to be in serious pain. I did recently see a video online of a girl that got eyebrow threading taken care of. They use a soft cloth that attacks the hair at numerous angles and removes it gently. It doesn’t cause any redness and the pain is pretty much non-existent. It is said to be much better for the skin and not quite as dire on it. It absolutely is a quicker program than plucking eyebrows too. I have looked up eyebrow threading and there is a salon that does it approximately 30 minutes away. I have thought about booking an appointment and trying it out. In case I look completely different I want to get my eyebrows done on a break from school and work. I don’t want people to see me with lopsided brows if worst comes to worst. Who knows though, I might be an eyebrow threader for the rest of my days. It absolutely looks to be an interesting experience.


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