This air quality is bad

As a landlord in a small town, you can make up your own rules. I always tell my renters that if they call me with a problem, their rent goes up. If the plumbing is messed up, I have to call a plumber and they are going to pay for it in the end. I have this one renter that is going to go bankrupt since she can’t stop calling me. The big thing she likes to complain about is the HVAC equipment. I have upped her rent and gotten a HVAC contractor into the home. The guy looked over her heating and cooling unit. He cleaned, oiled and tightened all the parts. The HVAC professional says that she is good to go. The renter is still complaining about not enough AC in the summer and heating in the winter. I am tempted to just get rid of her so I don’t have to hear her calls. I wonder if I bought a portable AC unit and a space heater if that would please her. I bet not. My friend had a really good idea on why her HVAC might not work well. He says that most likely the ductwork connecting to the HVAC has a hole in it. When the HVAC turns on, the air then goes through the air ducts and leaks out of the hole. This would make sense since the HVAC professional only looked at the HVAC and not the ductwork. I am not going to have the man come back in and do duct sealing. It is probably nothing and I don’t really care if her HVAC works well or not.

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