This clog is an issue

Recently, I have gotten into cooking! I started just doing some basics with mac and cheese, grilling meats and a some pastas. Now I have gone into pad thai, fish and seasoning all sorts of noodle dishes. Because I have broadened my cooking horizons, there are several new odors circulating around. After the fish is done, it is really good. While the fish is grilling, the stink is not so good. My fiance has been complaining recently that the whole condo reeks of garlic and onion. I assume that this is because I have central air conditioner in the home. I turn on the A/C unit while I am cooking, the air conditioner blows around in the entryway and the scents in the air leak into our HVAC duct. The scents then travel through the HVAC duct to all the rooms in the home. Every space in the condo stinks. love our cooking because I want A/C when I prepare. Cooling is important when I cook, though. It would be unthinkable making the meals with no AC. I have the stove on, with burners, and occasionally I am running back and forth between the dishes. My fiance has mentioned getting a ductless cooling unit installed, and we could block off the entryway HVAC duct and set up a ductless mini split. This way, the kitchen cooling doesn’t go to the house. Also, the stinks will not go into the HVAC duct anymore. It will be overpriced to just get rid of some gross aromas. But, I want cooling and my fiance wants the stinks gone.

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