This cooling unit does the job

I totally regret moving in with my boyfriend Fiona, fiona and I have been dating for a year and it seemed love time. Well, now I think it is time for his to leave. She has 1 habit that is driving me crazy. My boyfriend will frequently make sizable decisions about the lake house without consulting me. Frequently I will come home to something current or changed that particularly affects me. One afternoon it was the living room being a current color. Another afternoon the TV was exchanged for a projector. The most recent 1 is still a sizable fight between us. The people I was with and I had this sizable central Heating & Air Conditioning component in our house. The Heating & Air Conditioning hooked to HVAC duct that spanned the whole house. Every room got equal amounts of heating and cooling. It worked super well and I appreciated it. The Heating & Air Conditioning system made a little noise too. I liked that I could hear the constant hum of the Heating & Air Conditioning rather than animals outside, people talking or my boyfriend making noises. It was soothing to me. I came home a month ago to my amazing Heating & Air Conditioning component gone. Fiona called a Heating & Air Conditioning company and is replacing the component with ductless Heating & Air Conditioning. The HVAC duct is sealed up and the Heating & Air Conditioning component was ripped out… Right now both of us have no Heating & Air Conditioning since the company could not get us in immediately. I don’t want ductless Heating & Air Conditioning for a reason. I miss my old component and I hate going without temperature control. The ductless Heating & Air Conditioning component was an costly that both of us did not need at all.

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