This house is awesome

I am rejoicing that it is finally fall.  I don’t know about you, but I love the fall.  It is one last time to relax, throw the windows open and rejoice in the cool air before it got cold.  I know that soon I will need to have the furnace running. Then my indoor air will be just as bad as it was when the air conditioning was running.  I like when the air is cool. I throw the windows open and for a couple of weeks, I have an easy time sleeping. I feel refreshed when I wake up in the morning.  I breathe better when I am sleeping. It’s not that I don’t like the HVAC. Without the HVAC I would either freeze to death, or die from the heat. The HVAC is really expensive to run all of the time.  I just prefer the fall because of the cooler air. I used to like spring too, but there are too many birds out there and they drive me crazy. I was talking to my mom and she said that maybe I need to get an air purifier for my HVAC.  She said that the air is as clean as it is outside. She also suggested I get the ductwork cleaned when I have the furnace cleaned. I was overwhelmed with everything she was saying. I just wanted to get some fresh air, and she was blaming it on how badly I kept care of my HVAC.  That’s the last time I ask her opinion on anything important to me..

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