This is a fresh take

Every six months, I look for a young and fresh Heating & A/C employee to task in my firm, last time I hired employees, they did not turn out too well, then i hired more than one friends at the same time, plus all they did was complain about finally working on saturdays.

They consistently had problems with repairs plus upgrades, plus I ended up having to fire both of the employees.

I had to learn a very tough lesson, and I did not make the same mistake this time around. I hired one employee instead of more than one, plus I carefully watched the employee during the six week long duration. I periodically made calls to our clients, to ask questions about the employee’s attitude, know-how, and customer reviews. My last employee was William. I hired William right after he finished Heating & A/C certification classes. It took William a few months, before he could make repairs without any assistance. That is normal for a new graduate. I have many different specialists that teacher our young recruits, after the first few solo works, I contacted the customer some valuable feedback. The very first time that William completed an Heating & A/C upgrade work, I even made a house call to double-check the quality. Since the Heating & A/C installation job was the first for my new employee, I expected to find at least one error. I was seriously impressed to find quality craftsmanship plus attention to detail. I believe William is going to be a wonderful Heating & A/C employee, plus I hope he will make a home within my corporation. There is room in this company for growth plus opportunity, if he works strenuous and doesn’t get lazy like the rest!

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