This is a miracle

I live in an area of the country that gets very cold in the winter months. Most of the time we don’t even like to leave the house when it gets to be cold outside. It is miserable and my family and I spend most of our time together inside. We play games, cook delicious food and even do crafts together. My mom is always prepared with something fun to do just incase the weather outside is really nasty. Last week we were all watching the weather channel and we saw that in a couple of days we were going to have a really bad snow storm. My mom started preparing right away and her first phone call was to our local HVAC company. She wanted to have the HVAC company come out to the house and make sure our heating and cooling system was clean and up to date. She didn’t want the heater to randomly stop working if we were going to be stuck inside for several days. Many people forget to have their HVAC system checked up when the seasons change, but my mom is always really good about remembering to do this. I hope that when I have my own home that I am as responsible as my mom! While the HVAC company was looking at our heating and cooling system they didn’t see anything that was wrong with our heater, but they did notice our air conditioner need a new filter. So, my mom had the HVAC company replace the filter and they were on their way!

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