This is a strange development

Don’t get me wrong, I really love my other half.

But we do have so many differences. One of the major differences we have that we constantly clash over is our individual preferences for air conditioning in our house. My other half enjoys a cold house at all times. We are not by any means rich, but every single last one of us do enough money to foreseeably run the air conditioning unit in the house at whatever temperature every single last one us around here wants to. Although I do appreciate warmer temperatures inside myself, I have a whole closet of cozy sweaters so this isn’t the real issue here at all. What my other half doesn’t understand is that evaporator coils aren’t magical. They have some limitations, especially with a forced air system unit in a hot climate where we live at, like our setup. It will be 95 degrees outside plus my other half tries to keep it 73 inside; unfortunately, the evaporator coil freezes over with a whole lot of ice if it can’t keep up with external climate conditions as well as the settings on the thermostat’s temperature control. Once the evaporator coil is frozen over, it can no longer cool the air that passes through it. Every single one of us around here keep running into this issue which forces me to shut the entire air conditioning system down for an hour or so. This way the coil can thaw itself out. My spouse doesn’t enjoy or really care for the heat from a broken down air conditioning unit so it might eventually stop his from abusing the thermostat’s temperature control every afternoon and evening around here.

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