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Believe it or not, but downsizing was a fantastic experience for me.  When I bought my first house, I looked at the situation more like a child would rather than an experienced adult.  I wanted a large, spacious house with vaulted ceilings, lots of extra rooms, walls made entirely of windows in certain areas, and two floors.  How I managed to convince myself buying a house like this was good idea as a single man is beyond me. Just trying to keep the place clean was next to impossible with my work hours.  I was always behind on dusting and would frequently find areas in my house that I had unintentionally neglected for months at a time, just festering with dirty smelling dust and grime.  The outdoor maintenance was a pain too, just trying to clean and inspect windows, replace roof shingles, and something as straightforward as mowing the lawn, were all time consuming. I moved into a small townhouse and can’t imagine ever going back.  My outdoor maintenance disappeared and my indoor cleaning has shrunk dramatically. But perhaps the best change so far is my huge drop in heating and cooling costs. I had no idea how much energy I was wasting trying to keep that massive house cool with the large ceilings, abundant windows, and needless extra rooms.  My electric bill in my townhouse is half as much as the bill at my old house. Not only do I have more time when I’m off work to relax and decompress, but I’m also saving hundreds of dollars a year on running the air conditioner and furnace. My ductwork is tighter and free of leaks and breaks in the sealing. I can’t be happier with my new home and the improvement in HVAC performance.

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