This is almost the end

I suppose I should consider myself fortunate. I majored in graphic design in college and it didn’t take long after I graduated to be picked up by a company headquartered in a rather famous city in the Northeast. It was a three hour drive from where I grew up and my parents were gracious enough to give me some money to get me started there. Despite the boost in funds, it was very difficult for me to find an apartment that I could afford. I finally settled on one about twenty minutes from my job. It was a small place to be sure, but it had everything I needed and the view was great. Because my apartment consisted merely of a kitchenette, a small living room, a bedroom and a bathroom, I only really needed two window-mounted HVAC units to get by: one in my bedroom and one in the living room. They worked pretty darn well throughout the first summer that I lived there. However, during the next warm season about halfway through, I noticed that the window mounted HVAC unit in the living room started to blow warm air. Eventually, it became useless. Because there was such an intense heat wave that summer, I could not simply open a window and place a fan on the window sill to draw in the cool breeze from outside, because there was no cool breeze. I did not want to come home to a hot house every evening, so I scratched together some funds to get the window unit serviced. I called an HVAC repair company who sent someone out that weekend for me. it did not take long for him to determine that a refrigerant leak was causing compressor strain and that is why I gradually lost cool air. Thankfully, fixing the problem was not all that expensive and by the time the repairman left my HVAC window unit was once again blowing precious cold air.

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