This is how you remove bees

Have you ever wondered how honey is collected.  I took a class in college that taught us about bee keeping and how to ensure that the colony is healthy.  I was really interested in beekeeping and wanted to find out if it would be a good hobby. It turned out that it was both expensive and time consuming so I opted to pass on that.  It did, however, give me the knowledge of how a hive works which proved to be valuable years later. My girlfriend is allergic to bees so we are always careful when we go out to have her epipen with us.  This is a way for her to receive life saving medicine in the event of a bee sting. When she realized that there was an active hive in an old hollow log at the back of her property we knew we needed to relocate it quickly.  We called a couple of numbers that we found online, but, they wanted way too much money to move the hive. This was where that class came in handy. I sent her to her mom’s house for a few days while I got everything set up to start the process.  I was able to borrow the clothing I needed from the school and they even gave me the container to put them in. Once I had the hive contained safely my professor told me that I could call him and he would come collect it from me. I followed all the steps and safely gathered the queen.  Once this was done the rest of the hive followed her scent and went right into the container. It took several hours but it was finally safe to seal the container. I spent the next day gathering the honeycomb from the tree so at least we got something out of the process too.