This is the key to a heat pump

I have a tendency to turn down my thermostat to excessively low temperatures in the summer. I just can’t stand the heat around here, and I prefer it far cooler than the climate that I live in allows it to be. I never thought that turning down a thermostat too low would cause any sort of problem. I figured that if the thermostat setting was even allowed, then it was safe for the machine and its components. So I ended up turning my thermostat down pretty far. On the hottest of afternoons during this past summer, my thermostat would often read 64 degrees. I have to say that this was pretty comfortable for me. Then I noticed something very peculiar. There was ice forming on some of the indoor components of my HVAC system. I wondered how this could be possible with a temperature as moderate to 64 degrees compared to the temperatures that would be necessary, or so I thought, to cause ice to form. I was curious enough about this ice forming on some of the components to call out an HVAC technician to assess what was going on. He informed me that the very low temperatures that I was setting on my thermostat was to blame. The indoor coil was freezing up from the excessively low temperature, and I was warned that this could cause problems and it was good that I called the technician out when I did. I decided to set slightly warmer temperatures in my home during the hottest of summer days. I suppose I really didn’t mind all that much in the end.