This library should be re-worked

Last year when I was working as a part time circulation clerk at the local library, there was a whole lot of talk about having the HVAC system in the library re-worked. They were actually talking about replacing the the entire heating and cooling system, along with some of the ventilation ducts, as well. Well, the board of the library talked about it for the longest time and they went back and forth for weeks on what they wanted to do about the heating and cooling system in the building. On top of that, there was even discussion and arguing amongst the board about which HVAC company we would use for the HVAC overhaul. I guess that one of the guys on the board had a best friend who owned one of the local HVAC businesses and he was lobbying for the board to grant his best friend’s HVAC company approval. Well, it seems like some of the other board members took issue with the fact that he wanted to use his friend’s HVAC company. There was a big fight over the whole thing and for a while there, I started to wonder if they were ever going to even put the new heating and cooling systems in at all. But finally, after a few weeks, they came to an agreement on the HVAC system they wanted to use. They did end up taking bids from different companies to see who had the best price for doing the job installing the new furnace and air conditioning and ventilation system – and I’m not sure who ended up with the contract.

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