This made everyone happy

Right before my sister and her husband moved from Southern California back home, her husband had started a new company.  He had been installing self monitoring security systems in Southern California. I wasn’t really sure if there was a big call for self monitoring security systems in our area, but times were changing.  I wasn’t even sure what a self monitoring security system was until he told me. A self monitoring security system was a security system that was installed into the home, and the owner of the home monitored the property on their own.  There were a few good things about this process, but I felt there were more bad things about this system. The fact that you didn’t have to pay a monthly fee to a company to monitor your property, was a plus. However, you had to have a Smartphone and a computer to be able to monitor the system on your home.  You needed to have a way to pick up on the feed from the security cameras. You needed WiFi and internet. I also liked that if you had a company monitoring your security system, there would be someone there to call the police for you. I personally didn’t trust myself to not be scared and forget to call the police.  I would rather pay a company a monthly fee and let the responsibility of constantly monitoring my security system, than to do it myself. It just makes more sense to me. My brother-in-law is doing a good business in our area, but from what he says, most of the people are opting to the the monitoring done by his company than to do it themselves.

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