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For a while, I was working as a used car salesman. I didn’t care for the job, but it’s what paid my bills. I can recall a day when we needed to repair our heating & A/C through our supplier. When the heating & A/C specialist came over, we really down to earth. He was easy to start a conversation with and her turned out to have a sense of humor. When he asked me about being a salesman, I told him. He noticed that I wasn’t too happy as I described the job. I started to tell him how horrible I thought the job was and how I was losing my motivation. That’s when he started telling me that I should consider getting into the heating & A/C industry. He was saying that would be easy to become heating & A/C certified. He recommended a good trade school that gave night courses, plus he gave me an idea on what to expect for pay when I got started with a good heating & A/C company. I was impressed and I knew I would be making about twice as much as I was making now. He said it was something to think about plus the job presented a new challenge every day, keeping you on your toes. Heating & A/C specialists are apparently in high demand, which makes sense because who doesn’t need heating & A/C system repair? I decided to take the night courses at this trade school. I was delighted when I finally got my heating & A/C certification, which allowed me to move on from being a salesman and begin a wonderful career as a heating & A/C specialist!

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