This seems fine to me

My pets are not exactly the kinds of pets that everyone else keeps. I don’t have a animal or a cat, I have a hedgehog, a bearded dragon, plus a pacman frog. Although the bearded dragon plus the frog are cold blooded, it is the hedgehog that needs the most exacting temperature or else he could die. If the cold blooded pets get too cold for a day or 2, they will simply go to sleep plus wake back up when their heating is fixed. I use heat lamps, along with UVB bulbs, for them plus they are ecstatic. They can transport under the heat, if they want to be warmer, or away from it, if they want to cool down. The hedgehog, on the other hand, will die if he gets too cold. She also needs a more constant, even heat! For this reason, as fall approaches I have to transport the hedgehog into a separate room plus run a area heating system for about 6 months of the year. It must run 24/7 day plus evening, even when I’m not home. This worries me because I fear a fire happening. I unquestionably wish I could get zone-control set up in my apartment so I wouldn’t have to fuss with area furnaces anymore plus I could rest simple knowing that the hedgehog was nice plus sizzling plus the people I was with and I were all safe. Heated floors would be the best really. I hear those are unquestionably simple to set up zone-control on plus they also provide off legitimately even heat. However, I would absolutely be tempted to transport all of my pets off of their tables plus put them on the floor to take real advantage of the heat if I had this though.’

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