This space heater is great

My husband & I are some of the most frugal people you will ever meet, and we’re both creative types–we would rather have more time to make our art and pursue our passions than be wealthy. In consequence, we’ve learned to live on a little & be cautious with our money! This makes winters very hard for us. Since we live in the northeast, our winters can last for more than seven months and be very severe, with feet of snow plus weeks of below zero temperatures. While there isn’t much that can be done for it, we try to be as frugal with our seasoned oil boiler in this home as much as we can. This afternoon was the first time we had to scrape ice off the sedan to drive into work… For most folks, this means turning on the central heater. For my husband and I, it’s time to dust off the little portable heater and get it going. Both of us were very careful to buy a little electric furnace that is both safe & efficient. It has an auto shut-off should it ever overheat, is cool to the touch, & also turns itself off when the space reaches the temperature setting. Since this electric heater uses infrared to warm up the condo, it puts off non-drying air, so its healthier for us too! While it’s still fall, we’ll keep using our little heater in the kitchen to work on art projects. Since the electric heater doesn’t get hot, it’s easy to unplug it & transfer it to the bedroom with us at night. We’ll turn on the boiler once we have snow in the forecast.

heater installation