This was a fantastic surprise

I am not used to getting actually big gifts for our anniversary; And I was easily surprised this past year that a great neighbor of mine got me a easily luxurious gift! They have lots of money plus can afford it, but they had never gone all out love this for a anniversary gift before, and my neighbor easily bought me a ductless mini break air conditioner! I assume it was because I kept talking about how I needed some kind of quality a/c in the workshop that I built out in our shed, however i did not have any a/c in there which made it hard for me to do our wood carving activity in the Summer time weeks of the year, but now that our neighbor bought this ductless mini break air conditioner for me I will be able to do our activity in the Summer weeks no matter how overheated it is; The great thing about the ductless mini break air conditioner is that I can install it myself without the need to have to hire a certified heat plus air conditioner specialist from the local heating plus a/c dealer.

It mounts onto the wall plus if you can read instruction it is actually simple to do yourself, you do not have to be a handyman or Heating plus A/C worker either.

Any old man can do it. It takes little to no physical labor, just a ladder maybe if you need to mount it up higher than your reach. I actually love this ductless mini break air conditioner plus I can not thank our pal enough.



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