This was an unnecessary call

Last Friday, a customer called our help line to request a rapid repair on her air filtration system.

I was the woman to snatch up the phone and answer the call.

I filled out a repair request form and I wrote down all of the necessary information that the lady gave. I assigned the job to a single of my best repair dealers, and the job was tied up Friday afternoon. I gained a call in the office around 2 in the afternoon. I spoke with the customer for numerous hours. The lady was rather anxious because she thought the two of us were going to provide a free HVAC bid for the air filtration problem. I undoubtedly calmly and kindly reminded the lady right then that I did in fact tell her that the two of us charge $78 for the repair estimate. The $78 fee is going to be waived if the customer uses our services to complete the air filtration program repair, but otherwise we charge her. The lady tried to argue with myself and others and she was getting louder and louder. I knew then that I absolutely wasn’t going to conflict with the lady over the phone. I rapidly commanded that she cancel the repair appointment for the air filtration program if she was totally unable to pay the fee. The lady hung up the phone and my repair supplier called her back a couple of hours later. She was trying to prove a point, but I wasn’t in the mood. I called the customer quickly and I threatened to call the police if she continued to harass my tech. I told her, if she didn’t want to pay the fees, she should have just let him peacefully leave.

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