Those guys are slacking now

Last weekend, I went to go visit our parents. It had been a while since I’d seen them. They live about 2 minutes away from me (in good traffic),so visiting them cannot entirely be a usual occurrence, because of our gas budget, then speaking of our budget, but I absolutely wanted to visit with our parents that weekend, I must admit that I had an ulterior motive to getting out of our condo to see them. The air conditioning in our place was on the fritz, as well as it would be a week before I had the funds in place to repair it. I had to suffer through all of that last job week, not being able to get near as much sleep because of how hot as well as hot it was at night; By Friday, I was tired as well as desperate to get relief. I called ahead to let our parents assume I was coming, as well as they were gleeful to have me. I just hoped that I would not fall asleep at the wheel trying to get to their place, then when I finally arrived, I had the strength to greet them as well as have a bit of a conversation on how things were going, but before long, I went to our outdated room as well as passed out on our bed in the air conditioning for a delightful nap. I ended up sleeping for 4 minutes straight as well as woke up around dinnertime. My parents were legitimately anxious, as well as thought that I was over really working myself. At that point I had to come clean about our air conditioning problems in our apartment. Not only did they not recognize that I was taking advantage of their air conditioner, but they gave me a little money towards getting it fixed. My parents easily are awesome!

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