Those were all the resources

My fatal flaw is putting things off, especially when it requires forking over money. I rent my home, but I’m still in charge for up keeping most services. That includes the HVAC plan. Every month I would make up another reason to use my money somewhere other than HVAC maintenance. Eventually, a year passed, and I still hadn’t bothered to trade out the air filter! That’s when my willful ignorance came to a breaking point. One humid afternoon the HVAC plan completely stopped working. No surprise there. But that’s not the worst part. What happened next forever stopped my terrible habits. When I finally called an HVAC specialist to inspect my problem, she tried her best not to appear too disgusted. The air filter and coils were caked in dirt, making the compressor fail prematurely. The HVAC specialist explained that, if I had simply swapped the air filters and conducted routine service on my HVAC system, then I would have gotten significantly more compressor mileage. The HVAC repairs were so expensive that I promised never to be so irresponsible again. I’m still not perfect, but you can bet from here on out, I’ll be getting regular scheduled HVAC maintenance.