Time for a smart thermostat

Back in the 9-5 world, when people got up, went to work, and returned home at the same time every day, no one thought that there could be anything better than a programmable thermostat. At the time, it got the job done. Before its debut, homeowners had to keep their air conditioning or heat running all day if they wanted to return home to a comfortable temperature. The energy saving alternative was to have to remember to turn the heat or air off every time you left the house and then turn it back on when you returned. The arrival of the programmable thermostat was a huge upgrade in both efficiency and comfort. Homeowners could set it to kick on at their regular arrival time and shut off when they left again. But in today’s world, where everyone has varied schedules, the programmable thermostat just doesn’t cut it anymore. Sure, you can plug a few basic times into it, but you can’t capture the nuances of a schedule that changes on a daily basis. More folks are on flextime or working remotely, shuttling kids straight from school to activities, and traveling for business and pleasure. Unless you remember to adjust the settings before you leave on a trip, chances are your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system will waste precious energy on an empty house. Then, there were smart thermostats. These intuitive, WiFi- enabled devices keep your home comfortable and save you real money about as automatically as possible. They do more than just control temperature. They can monitor the conditions inside and outside of the house. They can also be controlled remotely from any smart device as well. The latest smart thermostats are so functional that they learn your temperature preferences and adjust themselves accordingly. The future is now my friends.


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